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Rent Roll Valuations

Rent roll valuations are one of the most common valuations done by Business Valuer Network members. We value many real estate practices each year and

Trades Business Valuation

Trades businesses are commonly bought and sold in Australia, but with some difficulty and at low price-earnings multiples. Why? Well, there are some barriers to

Medical Business Valuation

Medical businesses are a specific niche area of business valuation and there are very few business valuers in Australia who specialise in medical. Businesses which

Cafe Business Valuation

Cafes are one of the most popular business categories in Australia. There are thousands of cafes sold every year. They are sold in such numbers

Mortgage Broker Business Valuation

Mortgage brokers have enjoyed a decade of prosperity in Australia with a booming housing construction market together with handsome trailing fees being paid to mortgage

Accountancy Business Valuation

Accountants are the most important service provider to small businesses in Australia. Their relationship with SME clients could be described as ‘sticky”. In other words,

Business Property Valuation

Business property valuation is a narrow niche associated with business valuation practice. Sometimes a business that needs a business valuation report requires a business property

Want to Sell my Business

I want to sell my business! So what are the steps I need to take? Can I sell my business myself? Should I sell my

Value to the Business

What is your value to the business? The more important the owner is to the success of the business, the harder it is to achieve

Valuation Business for Sale

Valuation business for sale reports is invaluable in helping an owner sell their business. Valuation business for sale reports is able to give a buyer

Valuing Your Business

Valuing your business is a complex task. What you want as a sale price for your business and what it is worth to the marketplace

Partnership Dissolutions

Partnership dissolutions are commonplace in business. Eventually, every partnership comes to an end. Some partnerships’ dissolutions end amicably after decades of success, but some partnership

Family Court Service

When a client is involved in a divorce that involves a family-owned business it is imperative that they are protected from being reimbursed a disproportionately

Micro Business Valuations

Micro Businesses are often described as the backbone of Australian business! Micro Businesses are commonly described as those which are family owned and operated and

SME Valuations

SME valuations refer to the valuation of small and medium enterprises. Whilst there is no official description of what constitutes a small-medium enterprise, there is