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Value my Business

You will reach a point in your business cycle when you need to ask "who can value my business" .

Can my accountant value my business?  Can my bank manager value my business?

Will the fact that the valuation may involve other partners or spouses colour who should value my business. For example, will the close relationship I have with the accountant cause the other stakehoders to be suspicious of impartiality if my accountant is chosen to value my business?

Would it be better if we decide to find an outside expert to value my business, someone who has no prior relationship with the owners of the business. Of course if the valuation is required by a bank or by the family court then they will require me to appoint an outside expert to value my business rather than someone who may have a perceived conflict of interest should they perform the business valuation.

The best party to value my business is a valuer who is dedicated to business valuation. Not someone who dabbles in business valuation when they are not engaged in property valuation and not someone who is an accountant who attempts to value the business without knowledge of the current market sales evidence for my industry.

It follows that the best person to value my business is a member of the Business Valuer Network who is located in my city, has local knowledge and  national support, someone who has acess to Australia's largest sales data base, someone who has ten years experience in business valuation and someone who can visit the premises of my business, receive a personal business briefing from me and who can value my business in a professional manner.