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Travel Agency Valuations

Travel agency valuations is a specialist area of valuation and the Business Valuer Network is fortunate to have  specialists in this area who understand the complexity of commission payments from airlines, differing percentage remuneration, the value of cruise business to the bottom line of an agency,  the concept of consumer pays, the legal and regulatory requirements of the travel compensation fund, knowledge of the best and worst computer booking systems in the industry and also knowledge of the major franchise groups operating in the travel industry.

Without this knowledge it would not be possible to acurately value a typical travel agency in suburban Australia.

Travel Agency valuations can be prepared by the Business Valuer Network in any location in Australia, as we have seventeen valuers on the Business valuer Network panel and lare located in all states of the commonwealth.

Travel Agency valuations do vary a little acording to the size and profitabilty of the business, whether it is part of a natonal brand or group and according to the travel demographic it services.  For example a travel agency valuation of a student travel agency which may have thin operating margins versus a cruise line travel agency where margins may be handsome.

For more information on how the Business Valuer Network experts would go about valuing your travel agency and the fees involved in having a travel agency valuation report prepared, contact the co ordinator of the Business Valuer Network on support@businessvaluer.net.au. or call Graham O'Hehir on 1300634588. Graham will then ensure our travel agency valuer contacts you.