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Terms and Conditions

Business Valuer Network associates in each state will give you a predetermined quotation on your proposed business valuation. Their fees will vary from state to state, but generally a business valuation report for a Family Court matter is likely to involve a fee of between $3,500 and $6,000.

Summary reports on partnership dissolutions for micro businesses are usually costed between $3,000 and $10,000. Detailed reports on more sophisticated businesses can involve many weeks of research and work and will involve hourly rates of between $300 and $400 per hour.Corporate valuations are subject to negotiation.

Business Valuer Network associates often require an up front payment of 50% of the fee, which can be held in in trust pending completion of the report. Final payment of the balance is required on release of the report.

Our associates encourage discussion and dialogue with clients to arrive at a mutually agreed fee based on the level of work and the degree of difficulty involved. An engagement letter is usually required to define the task and give  clarity on the valuation task.

Terms and conditions can also be determined by statute or state or federal law. For example the family court of Australia may impose terms and conditions upon the valuation which the valuer must comply with. Not adhering to such terms and conditions may render his valuation report inadmissable.

Readers should note that the Business Valuer Network does not take responsibilty for  the reports and the work of individual valuers mentioned on this website. Your relationship is with the individual Business Valuer whom you appoint in a one on one business contractual relationship.

The terms and conditions between the client and the valuer are subject to commercial negotiation and can be varied to the mutual satisfaction of both the client and the business valuer.