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Sell a Business

Some people think it would be easy to sell a business, but in fact it is a very complicated and risky business.

Obviously you would like to sell the business for the highest possible price, but what if the purchaser is later disillusioned or disappointed with the business purchase and blames you , the seller, for his misfortune?

This is a significant risk which if not managed, can turn into a nightmre which lasts for years after you have been able to sell a business.

The best way to minimise the risk involve in the sale of a business is for the seller to have a business valuation report completed on his business by a competent business valuer before the business goes on the market. In this way the buyer has more confidence in the business, and can raise loan funds more easily, can bring in partners, all with the security of knowing that the business has been thoroughly examined by a business valuer and that it is not just the seller who is advising on the health and status of the business being sold.

Contact Business Valuer Network on admin@businnessvaluer.net.au and we will cotact your through a locally convenient business valuer who will advise on the cost of a valuation and the process of getting the business valuation report done. Remember, an investment of just three thousand dollars could result in a buyer investing twenty times that cost in a more confident offer price.

You will also feel more secure in the sale process with the knowledge you business has been well examined, well presented and fairly represented by an independent third party report.