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Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents often sell their business or sell the rent roll which forms part of their real estate agency business.  They sell their rent roll because they take the strategic business decision to sell off the property management division and to concentrate their efforts solely on the sales team.

When they sell the whole business it has been an historical fact that real estate agency sales departments attract either zero goodwill value or only a nominal goodwill value. This is because the industry has always felt that the goodwill associated with the sasles team lies with the people themselves, rather than the office they work for. The belief has been that when a salesperson leaves the real estate agency to go to another agency that the historical data base is held in their  head and they will be able to contact the past clients and convert them to the fact the salesperson is working for another agency. The other belief is that the only area of the real estate agency which is worth paying good money for is the rent roll  or property mangement department of the real estate agency.

However the advances in technology which see most real estate agents using sophisticated Client contact management systems with auto generated alerts and e newsletters means that more and more, that the agency is keeping control of the intellectual property of the office including client contact details and the sales data surrounding those past contacts.

It follows that the argument that a real estate agency sales department should be able to attract some goodwill value is now a strong proposition. We at Business Valuer Network are forming that view.

To discuss the valuation of your real estate agency in any area of Australia, contact BVN co-ordinator Graham O'Hehir on 1300634 588.