Partnership Dissolution Valuations

Partnership dissolution valuations are commonplace in Australian SME circles. All business partnerships eventually come to an end. Some are amicable, some are acrimonious. Some partnerships last decades and some unfortunately only last a few months. Business Valuer Network associates often are required to perform a business partnership dissolution valuation because either a new partner is being admitted or an old part owner is exiting. We do numerous valuations of professional practices such as accounting practices, surveyors, engineers, architectural and also medical, from Veterinary Practices, to Physiotherapists, to GP practices.

We also value real estate firms, plus their rent rolls. It is commonplace for the partnership in a real estate practice to change its shape and unit holding as representatives and property managers come and go.

We are often required to do partnership dissolution valuations for engineering firms and fabrication businesses or for business migrants who are buying in as a minority shareholder or part- owner.

We complete minority interest valuations as well as valuations of the whole business as a going concern. The issue of minority interest in a business partnership dissolution valuation is a vexed one, with issues such as lack of saleability of the minority interest or a lack of say in the business or (in a reverse sense) where a minority interest may have the "swing vote" and therefore be worth a premium all being issues the valuer can discuss with you.

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