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Micro Business Valuations

Micro Businesses are often described as the backbone of Australian business!

Micro Businesses are commonly described as those which are family owned and operated and which have very few staff. In  fact the recent Fairwork Legislation excluded micro businesses from the unfair dismissal clauses of that legislation. All businesses with less than 20 staff are exempt.

Why would you need a Micro Business valuation?

You would need a Micro Business valuation because of a divorce (family court valuation). You may need a Micro Business valuation for succession planning purposes, for the admission of a new partner to the business or because you are selling the business outright and need an independent valuation of your Micro Business.

A buyer may need a Micro Business valuation done for financing purposes and a Business Migrant valuation is another common reason for a Micro Business valuation being prepared.

Regardless of the reason for the Micro Business valuation, the Business Valuer Network can provide an expert valuation relevant to your business, its industry and the location or the region in which the business is found.

Just because your business a small it does not mean the business is without value. A micro business may have very low overheads and high profit margins, which can provide a platform for high profitabilty. One should also not be drawn into the false conclusion that just because a micro business is owner driven, that the goodwill cannot be successfully onsold. The best way to establish the value of your own small business is to ask an expert!

Contact the Business Valuer Network co-ordinator Graham O'Hehir on 1300 634 588 to discuss your micro business valuation or email support@businessvaluer.net.au.