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Liquor Stores


The liquor store industry in Australia has gone through a lot of interesting changes over the last few decades. This has been brought about by a changing society and numerous legislative amendments introduced over the years. Another major factor in the changes to the liquor store industry has been the influence of the large publicly listed companies (e.g. Woolworths and Coles). 

The liquor store industry is a mature industry but has been helped significantly by drink driving laws and preference for new packaged drinks (e.g. mixed spirits) by the 18-30 year old age group. 
Drink driving laws caused the proportion of liquor sold over the bar at hotels to fall significantly. People now buy more packaged alcohol to drink at home. Also the swing away from beer to wine has accentuated this movement to packaged alcohol as most wine sales are packaged. 
The independent liquor stores fall into two categories. In the past the bulk of liquor stores were independent stand-alone operators. However, the number of these liquor stores has fallen significantly as they have joined buying or marketing groups. This became necessary to obtain exposure in the market place and to compete on price with the two major players. 
The bottle shop and supermarket stores generally differ somewhat from the stand alone liquor stores. In general these liquor stores have a limited range of alcohol, concentrate on high turnover products, have limited service and compete on price. 
The stand alone liquor stores generally survive the best on convenience; have a wide range of products and importantly product knowledge and service. One of the major advantages of any liquor store is its location.