Franchise Valuations

Franchise valuations are commonplace because franchising is the modst popular business system in the world! But why is this so?

the short answer lies in the definition of franchising:

"franchising is being in business for yourself, but not by yourself". In other words you are not alne in your business and there is help and advice close by in the form of a franchisor and also the franchisee network.

Franchise Valuations  are also one of our specialty valuation industry sectors. Under a franchise you can sell products and services under the Franchisors brand - it is a popular business model that can be a terrific opportunity to own and operate your own business without some of the headaches. Franchising can be described as being "in business for yourself, but not by yourself". However, it is critical to examine the Franchise model, choose the right parent organisation and to have an independent business valuer assess the value of the Franchise, rather than relying upon the Franchisor's opinion of its worth.

We can help value and assess the opportunity by investigating:

  • The Franchisor
  • The Business
  • Other Franchisees
  • Financial Aspects
  • The Franchise Agreement
  • Franchise Territories covered
  • And much more...

One must remember at all times - No matter how careful a purchaser has been in assessing a business there will still be some element of risk. So when it comes to a Franchise valuations you need to find an expert valuer who is aware of all the main franchising issues which affect market value.That is why when you are thinking franchise valuations  you need to contact the Business Valuer Network - we can help to minimise risk!

Contact or call Business Valuer network co-ordinator Graham O'Hehir to discuss franchise valuations on 1300634588.